Gear Rebuilds and Upgrades

Gear Rebuild Process

First, we completely disassemble your steering box. During this process, all parts are visually inspected for any damage. If there are any issues, we immediately call you to discuss. Then, all parts are run through a hot tank washing cycle. Once clean from oil and grime they are either sand or bead blasted depending on the part. After sand/bead blasting your housing, the valve and piston cavities are honed. Once bead blasted the sector, piston, and ball screw are all Magnafluxed to check for any cracks not visible to the naked eye. Your valve is then blueprinted to our precise standards that match the feel that you have asked for. Now your box is re-assembled using all new o-rings, seals, and gold cadmium plated hardware of the highest quality.

After assembly, it heads off to our custom test bench where it is checked for leaks, valve balance, and steering force. It is then stamped with a serial number for our records and finally, we box it up and ship it back to you.

Gear Rebuild Service by Lee Power Steering

Note: It is recommended that unless using a new pump, you send yours along with your steering box. Not only to verify that it is free of contamination, but also to calibrate it to your new box (especially if you did a ratio change).

Gear Rebuilds - Options and Upgrades

There are lots of options and upgrades available when rebuilding your steering gear. It’s best to call and talk to one of our technicians to find out what is best for your particular application.

*Gear rebuild pricing is a starting estimate that includes soft parts (O-rings and seals). You will receive a firm quote once our technicians disassemble your components, inspect and magnaflux all hard parts.

Saginaw Steering Gear Rebuild: $370*

Ratio Change: (Price includes rack and piston)
12.7:1 $180
14:1  $120
16:1VR $60
Modify valve Weight: $100
Add Billet Cover w/needle bearing: $90
Add Billet End Cap: $45
Add 3 Bearing Road Race Package: $165.00 (Includes: Billet Top Cover w/needle bearing, mid bearing, bottom bearing, sleeve, o-ring and labor to bore housing)
High Flow Open Port Valve (Road Race): $95
Add Ram Ports and High Flow Port Valve: $190

Ford Steering Gear Rebuild: $390*
Add Ram Ports and High Flow Port Valve: $190
Add Needle Bearings (Sector Shaft) Medium and Long Ford: $190