Saginaw TC Type II Power Steering Pump For GM Models With LS Motors


Total Price: $330.00


Product Details

This is an original Saginaw TC pump often referred to as a “Type II” pump. It is found on many later model GM vehicles especially those with LS Motors. Many of our classic car customers that are doing LS Motor swaps are having issues with the Chinese copy version of this pump that they get with their front end pully kits. Even when new, the internal tolerances are so bad that we can’t even rebuild them.

These pumps can be found in both Steel and Aluminum versions. Our years of experience have shown us that the Steel version has a much longer life span and will handle higher temperatures, therefore that’s what we sell.


  • Fittings: Choose -6AN pressure with -10AN feed ($45) or SAE Inverted Flare pressure with Barbed feed or Metric O-ring pressure with Barbed feed
  • Housing Threads: Choose Threaded or Thru Hole
  • Rotation: Choose Standard or Reverse 1984-87 Buick Grand National
  • Extended Flow Control: Add extended -6 AN flow control for better pulley clearance ($20)


This product will be shipped between 3-5 business days from when order is placed.