Replacement Power Steering Pump For Ford CIII


Total Price: $595.00


Product Details

The Ford CIII power steering pump has long been known to be an inferior pump that prematurely fails and cannot handle any upgrades in tire size. For years we have rebuilt these pumps for customers because there were no other options, but the pump internals we had to work with just wouldn’t cut it.

We had our own pump housing made that takes tried and true Saginaw internals. So now there is a bolt in option for all CIII pump applications that can be set up at higher pressure and flow rates to handle larger tires and possibly the addition of hydroboost or ram assist.

The pump is available with either 6 or 8 rib pulleys. It comes with a -6AN pressure fitting and a ¾” slip fit feed fitting that can be clocked for a variety of applications. The addition of the -6AN pressure fitting will require a different pressure line. We can make a custom line or you can build one yourself with our reusable pressure fittings.