Ford Explorer 5.0L Short Front Runner Steering Pump Kit


Total Price: $1,050.00


Product Details

The Ford 5.0L motor out of 1996-2001 Explorers has become a common swap motor for many vehicles including older Broncos. Although this is a great power plant, the OEM power steering pump is well known to fail prematurely and not be able to power steering systems with larger tires.

Our kit replaces then Ford steering pump with our High-Performance Saginaw CB pump that has been modified with a ported housing, chromoly shaft, and full needle bearing compliment. The kit comes with a CNC’d pump adaptor bracket that will bolt to the OEM bracket and accept our pump. Also included is our proprietary design 3.5” x 6” reservoir with custom side outlet. Our reservoir uses a unique design to keep the fluid perfectly still. This results in zero cavitation and reduces air in the system, which keeps operating temperatures lower resulting in longer pump life. Our pressurized reservoir also keeps oil in and dirt out.

The kit comes complete with all necessary hoses, fittings, and mounting hardware.

It is available in both Hydroboost and Non-Hydroboost configurations. The hydroboost option adds a second return fitting to the reservoir and comes with all additional fittings and hoses needed to power the system.

We do recommend adding our 6GPM in-line filter when doing the install to even better protect your system. If adding a filter, you can choose barbed fittings for easy installation or -6 AN if you’d like.

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