GEN 1 Ford Raptor High-Performance Power Steering Pump Kit


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The Ford Raptor is an awesome vehicle. Unfortunately, the power steering system can only handle street and light off-road usage. When you start aggressively driving it or add larger diameter tires the pump falls short, starts to howl and eventually fails. The problem starts with the poorly designed reservoir and it is flimsy attachment to the fan shroud. After it shakes around a bit and the oil gets airated and heat builds up which cannot be dissipated by the even more poorly designed cooling system. There are also shortcomings in the pump design, which are only made worse by the overheated oil, and the failure begins.

The Lee replacement system starts with our 8-inch finned reservoir securely mounted in front of the core support for oil storage and better cooling all in one.

We couple that with our tried and true Lee cast iron TC pump with custom flow control outlet, high flow inlet, billet aluminum pulley and billet aluminum adapter bracket. Also, part of the system is a Lee inline 6 GPM oil filter with replaceable element to ensure no unwanted particles are ever in the system.

The kit comes complete with the pressure hose, return hose, -12 oil inlet line and all mounting hardware.

The system is also designed to eliminate the annoying hydraulic vibration that occurs when replacing the stock lines.

Fits GEN 1 Raptors (2010-2014)

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