Power Steering Gearbox Rebuilds and Upgrades

Power Steering Gearbox Rebuild Process

The Lee Power Steering gearbox rebuild process is the most detailed in the industry. Every aspect of the gearbox is checked for exact tolerances and assembled in the same way a high-performance engine would be blue-printed.

First, we completely disassemble your gearbox and all parts are visually inspected for damage. If there are any issues we immediately call you to discuss.

Then, all parts are run through a hot tank washing cycle. Once clean from oil and grime they are either sand/bead blasted depending on the part.

 gearbox sand blast cabinet  hot tank washing machine  Magwerks Magnaflux machine  steering gearbox rebuilders 

After sandblasting the housing, we hone the piston and valve cavities. The housing is then painted using a baked-on Enamel paint process. All critical gearbox parts such as sector shaft, piston and ball screw are all magnafluxed to check for any cracks not visible to the naked eye in our Magwerks Magnaflux Machine. Sector shafts are also checked for straightness. The input valve is completely disassembled. If your box is getting a valve weight change, the torsion bar is replaced with an in house machined bar.

If it is a race rebuild or you are adding a ram assist cylinder, this is when we will open port the valve for higher flow. The valve is then reassembled to our precise standards, then balanced and tested to ensure the steering feel is within 3% from left to right input.


finished steering gearbox after rebuild


All gearboxes are reassembled using new, proper sized balls in the ball screw/piston assembly to make up for any wear that has occurred over the years. This ensures a tighter, better-performing gearbox and is something that other steering gearbox rebuilders neglect to do because of the time and cost involved.

We also assemble using higher quality Viton O-rings and the best seals available. All hardware (top cover bolts, end cap snap ring, adjuster and lock nut, sector nut and lock washer) are all replaced with new Gold Zinc plated pieces.

Once your gearbox is back together it heads off to our custom test bench where it is checked for leaks and valve balance/steering force is re-checked. It is then stamped with a serial number for our records and finally, we box it up and ship it back to you.


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