Power Steering FAQ

Core Values and Policy

Cores must be returned within 30 days to receive a full refund. Cores received after 30 days will be refunded at 50%. Any cores received after 90 days will not be refunded. Most of the time a full credit is refunded once we receive your core. On rare occasions we may have to reduce the amount of the refund. This only happens if any of the major hardparts are damaged or worn beyond the point of being reused or if we receive a gearbox that is of lesser value than what was specified.

Below is a list of core values for the common gearboxes that we sell.

  • Saginaw 800 3 Bolt: $75
  • Saginaw 800 4 Bolt: $100
  • Saginaw 808: $75
  • Saginaw 708: $75
  • Saginaw GMT 400/800: $125
  • Saginaw GMT 400/800 with DD input shaft: $125
  • Saginaw Ford 3 Bolt: $150
  • Saginaw Ford Bronco: $250

Shipping Instructions/Tips

Return To:
Lee Power Steering
28259 Constellation Rd.
Valencia, CA 91355

We suggest using Fed Ex or UPS. Insure for replacement value. Lee Power Steering is not responsible for any damage during shipping. It is best to ship each item in a separate box. If sending together, be careful to separate items to prevent damage.

Drain fluid, cap all fittings if possible. Cover shafts with Styrofoam. Place gear boxes and pumps in a plastic bag. Use crumpled butcher paper to pack tightly (do not use foam peanuts). Double box if possible.

If possible, re-use the packaging that your new gearbox/pump was sent in. Drain all fluid and cap all fittings. Make sure to bag the gearbox/pump to prevent any fluid from damaging the box.

If it is not possible to re-use our packaging: Drain fluid and cap fittings, cover shafts with Styrofoam. Place gearbox/pump in a plastic bag. Use crumpled butcher paper to pack tightly (do not use foam peanuts). Double box if possible.


12 MONTH LIMITED WARRANTY AGAINST MANUFACTURER DEFECTS. When replacing power steering components it is important to flush the system with clean P/S fluid. We also recommend using our high performance 10 micron in line filter (P/N: 6GPM). If not using this filter, we strongly suggest at least using our mesh filter (P/N: FILTER-KIT). Failure to completely flush the system may cause your new component to become contaminated and inoperable. If Lee Power Steering receives your pump or box for warranty and it is deemed that contamination was the cause of the failure, then your warranty will be denied and there will be a charge for any cleaning, service or repair to your item.

Bleeding Instructions

Most power steering systems are self bleeding. To ensure your system has no trapped air, follow these steps. Install all new components. Make sure all hoses and fittings are tight and secure. Fill the reservoir. BEFORE STARTING THE VEHICLE: Raise and support the front end with the wheels off the ground. Turn the wheels back and forth to allow the steering box to draw fluid. Be sure to keep the reservoir full. When fluid level stops dropping, start the vehicle and continue turning the wheels slowly lock to lock. When the fluid level remains constant and there is no evidence of air bubbles, the system is fully bled.

What power steering fluid should I use?

We recommend using our proprietary power steering fluid that was specially formulated by Tom Lee. It has wear additives specifically for Iron power steering gearboxes and pumps. It guarantees lower temperatures and longer seal life.

Can you explain valve weight?

Click here to view our explanation of valve weight.

How long does it take to rebuild my gearbox/pump?

We typically run at a 10 business day turn around. This can vary at different times throught the year. When your item is received and logged in we will call you and give you a more accurate turn around time.

Can my gearbox or pump rebuild cost more than the estimate?

Our gearbox rebuilds start at $695. That includes 3.5 hours of labor, new balls for reballing the piston and worm gear and all new soft parts(seals, o-ring, gaskets). Once your box is disassembled, inspected and parts are Magnafluxed, we can then determine if any hard parts need replacing. If they do, you will receive a call with any additional costs before service is completed. Our pump rebuilds start at $245. That includes 1.5 hours of labor and all new soft parts (o-rings and seals). The same as with a gearbox rebuild, if any hardparts are damaged or worn beyond service limits, you will receive a call with any additional costs before service is completed.

Why is a Lee reservoir better than others?

Lee reservoirs are much more than a tank for holding fluid. Our power steering reservoir uses Tom Lee’s unique anti-swirl and baffle design to keep the fluid perfectly still. This results in zero cavitation and reduces air in the oil which keeps operating temperatures lower. It utilizes a no-leak pressurized cap that keeps dirt out and oil in while decreasing the chance of fire hazard by keeping P/S fluid away from the exhaust manifold and headers.

Our extra steps (Magnaflux, reballing, valve testing)

Learn about our gear rebuild process

What gearbox do I have?

Learn how to identify your gearbox.

Explanation of number of turns and ratio

Saginaw gearboxes came with many different ratios. Ratios as fast as 12:1 and as slow as 24:1 were spec’d in vehicles over the years. Below you will find a chart of approximate gear ratio to lock-to-lock comparisons. Some steering gears will have internal stops that limit travel, so the lock-to-lock numbers can vary.

12:1 2.5-3
14:1 3-3.5
16:1VR 3.5-4
17:1 4-4.5
20:1 5+


12:1 is our most popular ratio upgrade for classic car customers, while our off road daily driver customers typically go with either a 14:1 or 16:1 variable ratio. The 16:1VR has a slower ratio on center (16:1), then it speeds up at the end of the travel (13:1), which results in an overall lock-to-lock that is very similar to a 14:1.

Below is a list of available ratios that we currently offer for each Saginaw gearbox type:

  • Saginaw 800: 12:1, 14:1. 16:1VR
  • Saginaw 808: 14:1, 16:1VR
  • Saginaw 708: 14:1, 16:1VR
  • Saginaw GMT 400: 12:1, 14:1. 16:1VR
  • Saginaw GMT 800: 14:1, 16:1VR

Other Common Questions