Why We Open Port Valves When Adding RAM Assist Fittings/Ports To A Steering Gearbox

For every gearbox that we add ram assist ports to, we also Open Port the input valve. This does add to the cost of adding the ram ports, but it ensures that your gearbox will perform properly and last longer.

When adding a ram assist cylinder, you must increase the flow of the power steering pump. When you increase the flow and try to push more fluid through the tiny OEM porting it causes a huge increase in temperature. Higher temperatures are the leading cause of premature power steering failure. Our experience has shown that increasing the porting in the valve is a must do if you want a reliable high-performance power steering system.

Take a look at the photo below. It shows the difference in size of the OEM porting and ours. This photo only shows a few of the ports that we modify, there are multiple passages throughout the valve.

Lee Power Steering open port