Power Steering Pump Rebuilds and Upgrades

When we rebuild a power steering pump, first we completely disassemble your pump and visually inspect all parts. Then it is run through a hot tank washing cycle. The piston, rotor, and vanes are all precisely measured. If anything is out or tolerance, we install a completely new cam pack in your pump. The steering pump is re-assembled using all new O-rings and seals. Once assembled, the pump is tested at the pressure and flow rate that is needed for your application. It is then stamped with a serial number for our records and finally, we box it up and ship back to you.

Pump rebuild: $160.00*

*Pricing to rebuild power steering pump is a starting estimate that includes soft parts (O-rings and seals). You will receive a firm quote once our technicians disassemble your components and inspect all hard parts.

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