How To Measure Stroke Length For Adding A Ram Assist Cylinder

It is important that your ram assist cylinder has the right amount of stroke. Ideally, the gearbox travel, and ram travel should both match the steering stops. It is imperative that the ram travel does not exceed the steering top limit. If it does, the power of the cylinder may cause damage to other steering components.

  1. Start by making a reference mark on your axle tube.
  2. Turn your wheels full right.
  3. Using a straight edge to go from the axle tube to the tie rod, make a corresponding mark on the tie rod.
  4. Turn your wheels full left.
  5. Again, use the straight edge to make another corresponding mark on the tie rod.
  6. Measure the distance between the two marks on the tie rod, and that is the required stroke length you need.

Unlike other manufacturers, we stock our ram assist cylinders in 1/2" increments, and if necessary can custom build to 1/4" increments.