Power Steering Filter - Tom Lee 10 Micron Up To 6GPM Flow Inline


Total Price: $109.00


Product Details

Power steering systems, especially the pump, work with very tight tolerances. Our inline power steering filter was custom-designed to use a super fine, aircraft-quality, 10 Micron replaceable element. Most other filters on the market are “All Fluid” filters and typically do not filter any finer than 50 Microns. You can also choose various fitting types to suit your needs. Save time and money by stopping premature power steering failure due to contamination. Every race car team that uses our steering components also uses our filter. This filter is good for up to 6GPM flow. If your system has a higher flow rate, choose our 12GPM filter.


  • Fitting Type: (Barb) or (-6 Male AN) or (-8 Male AN) or (-6 Female BOSS) or (-8 Female BOSS)
  • Finish: Smooth or Finned ($40)