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Saginaw Steering Gearbox Long Shaft Off-road Race Specs

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is a Core charge of $75 that is included in the price of this product. If you return your Core to us, we will refund a portion of this product total. The portion refunded will depend on the quality of Core you are delivering to us. View our core values and policies.

SHIPPING LABEL: We can usually supply a shipping label for approximately $25 (depending on your address) for you to send your core to us. Please call 661-568-9170 to arrange.

$ 2,350.00 plus $75.00 Core deposit

Total Price: 2,425.00


Product Details

This is a Saginaw  gearbox that has and extended sector shaft, a setup that is found in many off-road race cars. It is available in an 800 (inside the frame mount) or a 708 (outside the frame mount). This gearbox is built to full race specs. All high performance porting is done to both the valve and the housing. Ram assist ports are added, a third sector shaft bearing is added, billet top cover with needle bearing and billet end cap installed.


  • Choose Ratio: 14:1, 12:1 ( + $80), 9:1 (+ $400)
  • Choose Valve Weight: 25#, 30#, 35#, 40#
  • Choose ram port location