Ford Explorer 5.0 Short Front Runner Installation Instructions

  1. Remove stock pump, reservoir and pressure line to steering box.
  2. With supplied 90 degree Countersink bit, prepare bottom two pump mounting holes for flat head Allen bolts. The aluminum is soft so don’t go too deep! See Figure 1 & 2
  3. With a punch or old pump bolt, knock back the top rear spacer sleeve. See Figure 3
  4. Install the adaptor with the two 8x25mm flat head Allen bolts using the bottom holes. See Figure 4
  5. Install the pump with only the top 8x110mm bolt. Run nut down but do not tighten. See Figure 5
  6. Attach the -6 45 degree Pressure line. Swing pump up and adjust banjo fitting if needed. After determining the hose length, install reusable fitting on other end of the hose. See Figure 6
  7. Pivot the pump down so banjo nut rests on aluminum bracket. Tighten -6 45 degree fitting so fitting tube rests agains the edge of the aluminum bracket. See Figure 7
  8. Swing pump up and install the two bottom 8x20mm Allen bolts. See Figure 8
  9. Check to make sure there is clearance between the banjo nut / fitting tube and the aluminum bracket. Tighten all pump and adaptor bracket bolts. See Figure 9
  10. Install the reservoir bracket with three 6x20mm Allen bolts. See Figure 10
  11. Loosely install the reservoir bracket with two 1/4-20 Allen bolts, four washers and two lock nuts. See Figure 11
  12. Loosely install the reservoir and check hood clearance. Adjust reservoir height to be as high as possible and mark with a pencil. See Figure 12
  13. Make up -10 hose for inlet. Hose length 6-3/4" as shown. Adjust length accordingly to desired reservoir clocking. Set at marked height. Tighten all bolts. See Figure 13

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Figure 13

Belt routing with AC
(Belt # 6PK2375)

Belt routing without AC
(Belt # 6PK2082)