How to Install High Pressure Reusable Hose Ends

This video is going to show you how to install our reusable high pressure hose ends.

These are pretty simple to install - this is what all our racing customers use and they work great. There's really no need to run a crimped hose with these. It makes it easy to clock your hoses and fittings.

First, you'll unthread the ferrule and then thread this onto the hose end. The only thing you can really mess up with these is not installing as a reverse thread, because it does go backwards.

What we typically like to do is make a mark on the hose and measure down to the bottom. In this case, it's about 900 thousandths deep.

Next, we'll take our calipers and mark the hose so that you know you're getting it all the way in and bottomed out. Then reverse thread that on.

Once you get that done, add a little bit of power steering fluid on the hose – which helps it slide in there . And then you'll put that in and start that.

Next put it in a vise, use a wrench and you will tighten this all the way down. That is basically what crimps the hose internally (there's some teeth in there that crimps – you'll feel it getting tighter and tighter). Do this until it finally bottoms out.

That's how to install high pressure reusable hosing.

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