N-pump Pump Kit for 1994-1997 Ford 7.3


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The Ford F250/350 with the 7.3 motor is a great workhorse. Unfortunately, the power steering system can only handle street and light off road usage. When you use it as a tow vehicle and need to do extended periods of low speed steering (backing a trailer), or modify it to larger tires, the OEM pump falls short and will
often fail.

Our kit for the 99-03's has been very successful, so we put one together for the 94-96 vehicles. Many people are adding a hydro boost to these older vehicles, so we have an option to add all the necessary fittings, hose, hose ends and a reservoir that has a dedicated hydro boost return fitting.

Our kit replaces the Ford steering pump with our High-Performance Saginaw N-pump that has been modified with a ported housing, chromoly shaft, needle, and thrust bearings. This is the same pump that many of our off-road race teams are using to win the Baja 1000!

The kit comes with a CNC’d pump adaptor bracket that will bolt to the OEM bracket.

Also included is proprietary design 3.5" x 10" reservoir. Our reservoir uses a unique design to keep the fluid perfectly still. This results in zero cavitation and reduces air in the system which keeps operating temperatures lower resulting in longer pump life. Our pressurized reservoir also keeps oil in and dirt out.

The kit comes complete with the pressure hose, return hose, and all necessary mounting hardware.

This kit now includes our 10 micron in-line filter.

If your vehicle has tires 37" or larger, we recommend using hydraulic ram assist. When adding a ram your pump will need higher flow. We offer this pump with a larger liner and billet end cap to handle the extra flow requirements for the ram.

Fluid Recommendation

It is HIGHLY recommended to use our specialty formulated Lee Power Steering Fluid.

AC Delco or Valvoline non synthetic power steering fluid will work as a second choice but do not have the same Wear and Anti-Foaming additives our fluid has.



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