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Ford Explorer 5.0L Reservoir Kit


Total Price: $370.00


Product Details

Lee reservoirs are much more than a tank for holding fluid. Our power steering reservoir uses a unique design to keep the fluid perfectly still. This results in zero cavitation and reduces air in the oil which keeps operating temperatures lower. Our pressurized cap keeps oil in and dirt out.

This reservoir and mounting bracket will fit the Ford Explorer front runner system on the 5.0L. It has been designed to fit under the hood on Ford Bronco installations and will clear the hood support on Broncos, even without body lifts. It is available in both a Hydroboost (2 return nipples) and non Hydroboost with only one return nipple. It uses a -10 AN side out to feed the pump, then has -6 AN fittings for the return.


  • 3 1/2" Diameter
  • 5" Height
  • -10 AN Side out fitting
  • -6 AN Return fitting

Our complete pump kit is also available for the Ford Explorer 5.0L Short Front Runner.