Saginaw 800/808 Steering Gearbox For Jeeps & Small Sized GM Trucks/SUVs

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Product Details

This is a Saginaw 800/808 gearbox that is found in many models of Jeeps and some GM small size pick up trucks (S-10). It came in multiple variations. When ordering you will need to know the following information:

3 or 4 Bolt Mounting Pattern

It is most commonly a 3 Bolt “L” mounting pattern, but some models of vehicles use a 4 Bolt “H” mounting pattern. The 3 bolt version is the same pattern, just missing one hole and will bolt right into place. The 4 bolt housings are becoming very rare, therefore they do cost more. Many customers opt to put a 3 bolt in place of the 4 bolt to save money.

Piston Bore Size

It is available in both a (Small Bore “70mm piston” and a Big Bore “80mm piston” depending on the make, model and year of the vehicle. Many Off-road Vehicles customers opt for the larger piston, especially when increasing tire size, because the larger piston gearbox will have more torque.


We offer this gearbox in three ratios: 12:1, 14:1 and 16:1 Variable Ratio. Typically only full race off road vehicles will use a 12:1 ratio. Customers with daily drivers will usually go with the 14 or 16:1VR.


  • 18mm Metric O-ring pressure fitting
  • 16mm Metric O-ring return fitting
  • 3/4-30 input shaft


  • Mounting Pattern: Choose 3 hole or 4 hole
  • Piston Bore: Choose small bore or big bore 
  • Ratio: Choose 16:1VR, 14:1 or 12:1
  • Valve Weight: Choose stock 25# or custom 30-35#
  • Billet End Cap
  • Billet Top Cover with Needle Bearing
  • 3 Bearing Kit: Includes Billet Top Cover w/needle bearing, mid bearing, bottom bearing, sleeve, o-ring and labor to bore housing
  • Ram Assist Ports: Includes open porting of valve to allow more flow that is needed when using a hydraulic ram
  • -6 AN Fittings Installed


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