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Original Saginaw Ford Steering Gearbox For 1972-1977 Ford Broncos 14:1 Ratio

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is a Core charge of $250 that is included in the price of this product. If you return your Core to us, we will refund a portion of this product total. The portion refunded will depend on the quality of Core you are delivering to us. View our core values and policies.

$ 1,245.00 plus $250.00 Core deposit

Total Price: 1,495.00


Product Details

This is an Original Saginaw Ford Bronco Gearbox for 1972-1977 Ford Broncos. We can add ram ports if desired.


  • Original Saginaw Ford Bronco Gearbox
  • 13/16-36 Input Shaft
  • Inverted Flare Fittings
  • 30-35# Valve


  • Billet End Cap
  • Billet Top Cover with Needle Bearing
  • Ram Assist Ports: Includes open porting of valve to allow more flow that is needed when using a hydraulic ram
  • -6AN Fittings


This product will be shipped between 10-15 business days from when order is placed.

SKU: GB-SAG-Bronco