Saginaw P Series Power Steering Pump & Remote Reservoir Kit For Classic GM Cars


Total Price: $545.00


Product Details

This is our Saginaw “P” power steering pump and remote reservoir kit. This is a popular option for hot rod and race car customers. It replaces your OEM reservoir can with a round can that is fed by our Zero Cavitation remote reservoir. This gives the system more volume, gets rid of the leaky OEM cap, and moves the bulk of the oil away from the heat of the motor. Heat is a major cause of power steering related failures.This combination not only allows the system to run cooler, but the no leak pressurized cap also decreases the fire hazard of power steering fluid coming in contact with the headers. We set these pumps up with a -6AN pressure fitting.


  • Pump (Choose Shaft Type)
  • Round Can Reservoir with -10 Male Inlet Fitting
  • 3X6” Lee Reservoir with -10 Bottom Outlet, -6 AN Return Fitting, Optional -6AN Hydroboost Return fitting
  • Lee Billet Reservoir Mount Clamp (Choose Vertical or Horizontal mounting plane)
  • 4' Goodrich -10 Low Pressure Hose
  • 2 90 Deg. Fragola push on Low Pressure fittings
  • We can also supply you with -6AN fitting pressure hose custom made to the length you need or you can get our reusable fitting hose kit and build you own.


  • Shaft Type: 5/8"" KEYED or 3/4” Press On
  • Pressure/Flow: Standard 1450PSI & 2.75GPM or With Hydroboost Brakes 1500PSI & 3.0GPM ($35)
  • Reservoir Mounting Bracket: Vertical or Horizontal ($10)


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