2003-2007 Ford 6.0L Pump Kit



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Product Details

The 2003-2007 Ford F-250/F-350/Excursion 6.0L motors came equipped Ford’s CIII power steering pump which has long been known to be an inferior pump that prematurely fails and cannot handle any upgrades in tire size. For years we have rebuilt these pumps for customers because there were no other options, but the pump internals we had to work with just wouldn’t cut it. We had our own steering pump housing made that takes tried and true Saginaw internals.

*******Some vehicles in this year range have the power steering fluid reservoir in front of the battery, and some behind the battery. This kit is for the behind the battery placement. If you need the in front of the battery reservoir placement we can accommodate, but some fab work is necessary!*****************************

This kit includes:

  • Lee CIII style pump with pulley. Set @ 1650PSI and 3.0GPM
  • Proprietary design 3.5” x 6” side out reservoir
  • Reservoir mount and adaptor plate
  • 6 GPM in-line filter
  • Pre made pressure hose
  • Hydroboost fitting
  • Return hose and hose ends
  • All necessary mounting hardware

Our reservoir uses a unique design to keep steering fluid perfectly still. This results in zero cavitation and reduces air in the system – which keeps operating temperatures lower, resulting in longer pump life. Our pressurized reservoir also keeps oil in and dirt out.


It is HIGHLY recommended to use our specialty formulated Lee Power Steering Fluid.

AC Delco or Valvoline non synthetic power steering fluid will work as a second choice but do not have the same Wear and Anti-Foaming additives our fluid has.



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