Saginaw 808 Steering Gearbox 14:1 Ratio Converted To ZF (Jeep TJ) 3 Bolt Pattern With Off-road Full Race Setup


Total Price: $1,120.00


Product Details

This is a Saginaw 808 “Big Bore” gearbox with a 80mm piston that has been modified to fit the 03-06 Jeep TJ bolt pattern. A very common upgrade for TJ owners that do serious off-roading and suffer from the poor performance of the stock Mercedes gearbox.

Full Race Specs

  • 14:1 Ratio
  • Jeep TJ mounting pattern
  • -6 AN pressure fitting
  • -6 AN return fitting
  • 3/4-30 spline input shaft
  • Open port valve with full race porting
  • Ram ports added
  • 3 Bearing Kit installed
  • Billet top cover with needle bearing added
  • Billet End Cap added
  • Choose Valve Weight: 25#, 30#, 35#


This product will be shipped between 10-15 business days from when order is placed.